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Sega Arcade in Tokyo Adding NEMESIS Attraction as Film Nears Release


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Posted: 16:48:16 on March 08 2003
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Star Trek: Nemesis
STAR TREK NEMESIS beams into Japanese theatres on April 12th (according to StarTrek.com) and a major entertanment venue in Tokyo is planning to celebrate with a virtual reality attraction based on the film.

According to Xengamers, the Tokyo Joypolis complex, a state of the art three-level interactive arcade run by video game maker Sega Co. Ltd., will feature a "modified version of Sega's classic AS-1 space simulator," updated to tie-in with the tenth TREK movie. The attraction allows multiple people to stap into a virtual cockpit and fly through the final frontier inside an enclosed cabinet.

The report indicates that this new attraction may only be available at Joypolis from March 15 through April 13. Sega Joypolis is located in the Odaiba Beach area of Tokyo and features both Japanese and English arcade attractions ranging from grand prix games to virtual reality simulators for visitors of all ages.

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