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Paramount Shifts ST:DS9 DVD Launch Up a Gear in United Kingdom
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Posted: 09:00:11 on March 22 2003
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Deep Space Nine
Written by Jonathan Davies

Paramount Home Entertainment (UK) pushed its DEEP SPACE NINE DVD launch campaign up a gear this week with a joint DS9/NEMESIS mailing to members from StarTrekUK, the official UK website for STAR TRE DVDs and video.

Paramount has shown a considerable commitment to the release of STAR TREK in the United Kingdom, with higher quality packaging for the recent STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION DVD release, a DVD Box Set of all nine TREK films including the Directors Editions of STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE, STAR TREK: THE WRATH OF KHAN and a special preview of STAR TREK NEMESIS, and even leaving room in the box for a NEMESIS DVD release later this year. The web site ran a dedicated section for the tenth film as well as offering the 'STAR TREK: Guru' competition to win tickets to the European Premiere of NEMESIS in London last December.

The mailing is an eight page fold-out booklet, promoting the launch of DS9’s Season one DVD on March 24th, 2003. It promotes the upcoming release of both Season’s one and two of DEEP SPACE NINE as well as pushing six products that can be purchased with tokens from each of the seven DS9 box sets. The gifts include a Special Edition Poster from "What You Leave Behind," a DS9 film cell, a signed copy of ,Andrew Robinson’s A STITCH IN TIME, a black DS9 t-shirt with a printed Starfleet insignia, an Activision Game Pack (with ELITE FORCE 2 pictured) and a Digital Camera (all but the poster and film cell require ‘contributions’).

Finally the promotion announces an interactive tour of DS9 and the upcoming release of STAR TREK NEMESIS on DVD. The Space Station tour must be collected across all seven seasons in what StarTrekUK claims will be "one of the most comprehensive virtual guides… ever!" NEMESIS will be released in the UK on August 4th 2003.

You can visit a dedicated DS9 website for the DVD release here.

UK release dates for the DEEP SPACE NINE DVDs are as follows:

Season 1: March 24th 2003
Season 2: April 28th 2003
Season 3: June 23rd 2003
Season 4: August 25th 2003
Season 5: October 27th 2003
Season 6: December 1st 2003
Season 7: December 22nd 2003

You can pre-order the DVDs to support TrekWeb from Amazon.co.uk.

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Must.... resist....
By AntonyF ( ) at 17:12:10 on March 25 2003
URL: http://www.b5tv.com | User Info
It's the standard for a DVD to be released, then fall in price in no time at all. Without fail, it happens. So now I wait... and the money I've saved is amazing. Well, saved is a dodgy word when you have 200 DVDs...

But already the TNG ones have dropped since launch. And I know full well they'll drop further. So I'm waiting.

But DS9, I want to wait so much... yet I want them. The fire, my love of DS9, is still so strong. So it's very hard.

I wonder if I'll hold out...


Lydia: "I've never lost at mortal combat yet."
Diana: "Idiot. If you had, you'd be dead." -- V, "The Champion"

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DS9 US Releases
By Dukat ( ) at 04:10:50 on March 23 2003
URL: | User Info
I had pre-ordered DS9 Season Two from the link on this site, (thru Amazon), and surprisingly, it shipped Wednesday Morning, and I received it Thursday.. I believe it still shows as only being available for pre-order and not shipping until early April. Anyone else received or seen Season two early?

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