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TNN Beaming Down Interactive ST:TNG With iTREK LIVE Next Month
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Posted: 10:28:08 on March 25 2003
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: General Star Trek
Cable network TNN announced today that beginning March 31st it will experiment with a brand new dimension to its STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION broadcasts. According to a network press release, iTREK LIVE will use interative technology pioneed by Goldpocket Interactive to allow viewers to take part in real-time interaction with each other and participation in fan competitions.

Termed "real-time, two-way interactive television (iTV) experience," the month-long feature will allow audience members to take part via set-top boxes or Internet-connected computers. Each weeknight from March 31st to April 25h (8p-9p ET/PT), viewers can compete in trivia contests about the episodes being broadcast. According to TNN, some questions will be answered by the episodes while some will require broader knowledge of the STAR TREK franchise. Other activities include Internet chat rooms, episode opinion polls, and according to TNN, "exclusive information and factoids not featured in the on-air episode."

Fans will compete against each other to become one of the top 10 "leader board" members each night, and for prizes such as STAR TREK encyclopedias ans MONOPOLY games. Contestants will also be entered into a drawing for the grand prize "Alien Road Trek" in a Winnebago, featuring stops at the radio telescopes in Socorro, MN, the Barringer Crater located in Flagstaff, AZ, and an off-road adventure near Area 51 outside Las Vegas, NV.

TNN, which owns the broadcast rights to THE NEXT GENERATION, with DEEP SPACE NINE beginning in Fall 2004 and VOYAGER in Fall 2006, says the interactive experiment will appeal to its mostly male, tech-saavy audience.

"This technology resonates with our key male audience who are internet savvy and technologically advanced," said Kevin Kay, Executive Vice President for Programming, in the company release. "TNN will continue to search for new ways to serve our male viewers in ways such as this as we aim to target a variety of men's interests."

You can participate in the iTREK LIVE festivities by visiting TheNewTNN.com.

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Software Question..
By SigmaPi2980 ( ) at 19:52:49 on March 25 2003
URL: | User Info
Does anyone know if the Star Trek Voice Recognition program for PC's is still available or has it been updated?

"Don't worry, I don't have any ligaments to tare."

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a month?!
By Beckett ( email@jonathan-davies.net) at 11:40:49 on March 25 2003
URL: http://www.jonathan-davies.net | User Info
Interactive TV is rapidly becoming the norm (in Britain anyway, although I beleive we are ahead of America with Digital TV), I don't see why it would only be a month, it should become standard? Its increasingly common over here to have 'Red Button' interactive options with TV shows, the BBC has shown considerable dedication to this as part of its public service and education commitments.


Nemesis had all the right buttons there waiting to be pressed, but like Data on a Reman keypad Paramount seem to have pushed the wrong ones. :/

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Uncut was all right
By Steve Krutzler ( s_krutzler@trekweb.com) at 11:10:59 on March 25 2003
URL: http://trekweb.com/brittandsteve | User Info
Don't know how well this will work but I did catch a couple of the "Trek Uncut" presentations earlier in the month and despite my earlier apprehension, I was quite impressed. Indeed they ran usually the teaser and first two acts together with no commercials. When they did have breaks, they were a bit longer, but they did seem true to their word. I had been skeptical about the Uncut gimmick when it was announced, but they seem to have delievered on it.


-Steve Krutzler
==V/-/== Rocks

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