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Anthony Montgomery Talks 'Mayweather's Big Moment in April's "Horizon" (SPOILERS)
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Posted: 13:41:04 on March 26 2003
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Enterprise | stenterprise.com
ENTERPRISE actor Anthony Montgomery hasn't had that many opportunities to shine since the series began a year and a half ago. In fact, since season one's "Fortunate Son," there has been a dearth of A-stories revolving around the young Enterprise helmsman. Next month's "Horizon" will offer a rare glimpse into the background of 'Travis Mayweather'.

"If I can say I am dissatisfied with anything, it's just the fact that I want to work more," he told Rich Handley for issue #143 of the Star Trek Communicator. "As an actor, I want to act--I want to be given the opportunity to do what I do--and sometimes I've felt stifled in not being able to get out there and do me."

Montgomery takes it in stride, however, noting that the show's three main characters are more essential than Mayweather.

"They just have to make sure the trifecta of Trip, T'Pol and Archer is always met because that's the key," he says. "There are seven people. It's not called STAR TREK: MAYWEATHER. It's not called THE TRAVIS SHOW. So I'm really not worried about it."

That said, he finally got to stretch his role in "Horizon," airing April 16th.

"It's not just big, it's huge. You get to meet more of my family; I'm not going to give a bunch away because I want people to tune in," he says of the installment. "You see more than just the pleasant Travis you've seen. You see the inner workings of the machine, and it was wonderful."

"It was really a touching episode for me," he continues. "You get a feel of how hard it was for Travis to leave the family and join Starfleet."

Montgomery says his character has, despite minimal screen time, been able to grow significantly in the series' brief tenure.

"In the episodes they're aired so far, you've seen him fly a ship through a minefield, having never done it before; you've seen him get hurt on a glacier, having only seen snow twice. So I just want him to keep growing."

In "The Breach," airing after "Horizon," Travis learned a new skill: rock-climbing.

"He was born and raised on a cargo ship! It's not like he had a holodeck to practice on, so when did he learn to rock-climb," he jokes. "When did he get the angst to go out and do all these thrill-seeking things? Mayweather is the 'thrill seeker' of ENTERPRISE. I myself have to find the happy medium, but Travis is very proficient at these things!"

You can check out much more with Anthony Montgomery in #143 of the Star Trek Communicator, on newsstands now. Or you can order a subscription from Amazon.com to help support TrekWeb.

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132 Marauders10/30/02
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By GreginWA ( gsaum@yahoo.com) at 15:20:10 on March 26 2003
URL: http://gregsworld.8k.com/contents.html | User Info
Hmm, I don't watch the show so maybe this was already addressed either on the screen or within these message boards, but it occurs to me that Travis's family's ship is called "Horizon". Could this be the same "Horizon" that visited Iotia 100 years before the TOS episode, "A Piece of the Action?" If memory serves, it was the ship "Horizon" that visited the Iotians, leaving them a copy of the book "Chicago Gangs of the 1920's", which that planet's civilization adopted as a Bible. Anyone else thought of this, or did I open up a new can of worms?

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By Brikar ( brikar99@yahoo.com) at 13:50:26 on March 26 2003
URL: http://www.geocities.com/brikar99/ | User Info
I think you forgot to close the italics up there.

As for the content of the article, it's nice that he's not pissed off that he's listed in the main credits of a major television production and doesn't appear for weeks on end.

But in all honesty, the Enterprise crew is a cast of characters with some really rich backstory that just isn't being mined as much as it should be, or even at all in some cases. Before "Broken Bow" premiered, I was looking over some of the advance information we had, and I thought that Travis and Hoshi were the two to watch; they were the most interesting to me - One character who's barely spent any time planetside at all, grew up in space. He's arguably the most experienced person on the Enterprise. Hoshi his almost his exact opposite - she's rarely left Earth, and wasn't supposed to truly enjoy being out in space the same way the others have.

I don't know about anyone else, but these are two characters that I'm extremely interested in that are being wasted. Montgomery may not like it, but I see it as a crime. We chastise him for his somewhat... lesser performance in episodes that have featured him, but he's not given any chance to improve.

I do understand that Enterprise focuses more on the "big three", but a crime Enterprise is repeatedly guilty of is passing up interesting things to do, and nowhere is this more apparent than in its wasted cast.


"Plan? I go in, start punching people really hard in the face. We'll see where it goes from there." - Angel

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