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Decipher Announces Release of 180-Card CCG Expansion Set Next Month


Posted: 10:56:49 on April 13 2003
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Gaming
The world of STAR TREK card gaming will expand next month when Decipher Trading Card Game Studio releases the first expansion set for its STAR TREK Customizeable Card Game Second Edition.

According to a company press release, ENERGIZE will be a 180-card expansion pack for the CCG 2E, with "each of the five base set affiliations—-Bajoran, Cardassian, Federation, Klingon, and Romulan—-will be affected by new personnel and other cards to enhance their main themes, such as battle, capture, and deck, hand, and discard pile manipulation, while also developing additional themes such as one focusing on Kahless and his followers." The ENERGIZE expansion will also feature a new "cross-affiliation faction" based on the Maquis and with its own headquarters mission.

“Energize is a perfect supplement to Second Edition,” Game Designer Evan Lorentz said in the announcement. “This expansion continues to develop the five affiliations introduced in the premiere set while expanding their gameplay possibilities with new affiliation-specific themes."

The expansion will be available in 11-card booster sets ($3.29/ea.) and 30-pack display boxes. The set as a whole breaks down to 60 common cards, 60 uncommon cards and 60 rare cards. Booster packs will each contain one rare card and a mixture of the others. Look for ENERGIZE beginning May 21st.

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CCG Burnout
By BWilliams ( BWillNCC1701E@webtv.net) at 12:13:56 on April 14 2003
URL: http:// | User Info
I hate admitting this, but as much as I have loved the Decipher Star Trek CCGs, I'm just plained burned out by them. All I've really done is collect them, and there's no one around here to play the game with. Besides, none of the stores here even sell the Trek CCGs - the only ones I've been able to see have been Magic, Pokemon, LOTR, Harry Potter, and the WOTC Star Wars license. It was only through eBay that I was able to get the last set of the first edition, "The Motion Pictures". Now I'm just burned out and tired from it all.

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