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Today's Tribblets, April 25


Posted: 19:33:54 on April 25 2003
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Todays Tribblets
Name That Van Halen Song of the Day
Tuesday's answer was "Mean Street" off of FAIR WARNING. The complete lyric was You know this ain't know through street / The end is dead ahead / The poor folks play for keeps down here / They're the living dead. Congratulations to Stidham who posted the answer first! Way to go 80's dude!

Today's lyric is:

Man need enough to live, I'm a livin' proof...

Today's Tribblets:

  • Another writer for New Zealand's Stuff gives NEMESIS 3.5 stars and says the film "holds together well."

  • Filmmaker Roger Nygard (TREKKIES) talks the upcoming sequel to the 1999 fandom documentary with Sci-Fi Portal.

  • John Laroquette ('Maltz', ST3) and Susan Gibney ('Leah Brahms') star in a new NBC comedy pilot HAPPY FAMILY for the fall while Jason Alexander ('Kurros') is appearing in THE PRODUCERS at the Orpheum in San Francisco, according to StarTrek.com.

  • Some fans, fearing that ENTERPRISE may not be renewed for season three, have begun a campaign to promote the series at The ENTERPRISE Project.

  • THE DEAD ZONE executive producer Lloyd Segan talks in a new interview with Videography.com about the Michael Piller-show's creative, production, and special effects processes.

  • In the latest round of copycat criticism, New Zealand's Stuff has repeated pretty much what all the other critics said about STAR TREK NEMESIS.

  • The El Paso, TX city council has withdrawal a measure that would have given the city's official support to the Texas Legislature bill seeking to name the El Paso portion of I-10 for Gene Roddenberry.

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The New Zealand Nemesis review was right.
By Aussie () at 04:22:05 on April 26 2003
URL: | User Info
The New Zealand review of Nemesis was correct. A ghastly sex scene in a family show like STTNG? An impaling scene on a large girder?
A chemical weapons attact? What bad timing that idea was.
What did happen to the sense of adventure that the charming used to be family TV show called Star Trek:The Next Generation used to have?

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I hope the campaign works!
By TREKMAN85 (TREKMAN85@aol.com) at 00:14:48 on April 26 2003
URL: | User Info
Enterprise really needs to bring back viewers. I really want Enterprise to last ten seasons. I really want to see the events leading up to the birth of the Federation. Enterprise can't fail because it would leave so many loose ends.
1)Who's the cook?
2)What happened to Archer's father?
3)What will Archer do to help establish the Federation?
4)What will be the outcome of the TCW?
And there are so many other things I want to see that only Enterprise can do.
Give Enterprise time to breath. Besides TNG, DS9, and Voyager got really good in the third season. Each broke away from the previous show and became their own show.



"What do your Borg friends say? Resistance is futile."- Shinzon

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A campaign?
By Captain Overit () at 23:11:05 on April 25 2003
URL: | User Info
Good god, let Enterprise die. PLease! :)

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VH Lyric- So This Is Love
By Longfellow () at 22:15:53 on April 25 2003
URL: | User Info
A man needs love to live, I'm the living proof
Catch that smile and I hit the roof
We'd double check but you keep on walking
I'm in love
Once over
I'm overdone
So this is love?

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