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DS9's Alexander Siddig Tackles Alergian Role in BBC's Spy Series SPOOKS


Posted: 09:09:47 on May 27 2003
By: AntonyF
Dept: People
STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE alum Alexander Siddig ('Julian Bashir') will be making an appearance in an upcoming episode of BBC's SPOOKS, a series about a team of agents working for the British Security Service (MI5).

The show's first season aired in the UK in May 2002, where it soon earned critical acclaim and a cult following. The award-winning show was quite unlike anything the UK viewing public had seen, and its notorious moments such as someone's hand being plunged into a pan of hot oil set the drama apart from the standard fare.

Now with its second season set to air in June, the producers are trying to up the stakes. Forthcoming storylines include a visit by the U.S. president, a war criminal on the run, a computer security breach at MI5, a poisonous gas explosion in the center of London and a potential mutiny in the British Army.

Siddig will be appearing in the second episode of the season, which sees the SPOOKS team learn of extremist activities taking place within a Birmingham Mosque. When an undercover MI5 agent enters the Mosque to learn more about these activities, he is quickly identified and then tortured inside the mosque. When released, it is revealed that boys are being trained as suicide bombers.

Siddig's character, 'Ibhn Khaldun', is an Algerian spy that is recruited by MI5 to infiltrate the mosque. However, he's an unknown quantity and possibly untrustworthy. He eventually reveals to the SPOOKS team that a suicide bombing is planned for the next day. But Khaldun refuses to leave, and is determined to save the suicide bomber from a pointless death.

"In the current political climate, never have people been more aware of the risk of terrorist threats," said writer David Wolstencroft. "Sadly, it is at the back of all our minds that what happened in the United States on September 11, 2001 could be repeated in some way. For this reason, the role of MI5 is becoming increasingly significant. I think that everybody is informed these days about the threats, everybody knows what could happen and they’re much more aware of world events."

Season two premieres on BBC 1 on June 2 at 9pm. Siddig's episode will air afterwards at 10:30pm on BBC 3, and will be repeated on BBC 1 on June 9 at 9pm. American viewers will also get a chance to see SPOOKS soon, as cable network A&E has picked up the rights to show both seasons this summer, relaunching it under the name MI5.

You can learn more about SPOOKS at the show's official web site or visit MI5 here.

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Spooks Rocks!
By Gitch ( ) at 17:49:41 on May 28 2003
URL: | User Info
I can't believe it was only on last year, it seems like ages since Spooks ended. When it airs in the US guys don't miss it! Far better than 24 and that big girl's blouse Jack Bauer! :)


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