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"Anomaly" Toys with Laws of Physics, 'Osaarian' Raiders, in Production Report (SPOILERS)


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Posted: 06:55:58 on July 24 2003
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Enterprise | stenterprise.com
The official STAR TREK web site has posted its second production report for ENTERPRISE's third season: "Anomaly." As alluded to previously, the episode will involve floating objects and weird distortions onboard the NX-01, bringing to fruition some of the strange dangers of the Expanse foreshadowed in last season's finale.

"The on-set production crew and the visual effects team worked together to defy the laws of physics in scenes where objects ignore the ship's gravity plating in erratic ways, where "distortion waves" ripple throughout the decks, and plasma discharges turn Engineering into a giant Tesla coil," reports the site.

Written by co-producer Mike Sussman and directed by David Straiton, "Anomaly" makes use of two new Enterprise sets: the command center, and the Brig, where an alien called an Osaarian is captured after raiding the vulnerable ship. Other sets include the interior of a giant space structure that the crew finds and investigates inside the Expanse.

Guest roles for the episode, as already reported, include a female MACO soldier named 'McKenzie' and an alien named 'Orgoth'. The former is played by TREK newcomer Julia Rose and BABYLON 5 veteran Robert Rusler plays the alien raider. Actor Nathan Anderson returns as 'Sergent Kemper' from the premiere, "The Xindi."

For the rest of the episode's guest cast, check out TrekWeb's mission log below. For more on "Anomaly", visit this page.

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Season Three (2003-2004)
Prod #Title Airdate
153 The Xindi 09/10/03
154 Anomaly 09/17/03
155 Extinction 09/24/03
156 Enemy Advances 10/01/03
Season Two (2002-2003)
Season One (2001-2002)
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I hate to be sour on "Anomoly"...
By PatBorg ( PatBorg@aol.com) at 00:03:08 on July 25 2003
URL: | User Info
but wasn't this "bottle" show done before on Voyager? It was titled "Warped", I believe.
I'm still willing to give this season a go but can't we go someplace we haven't already touched upon?


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Julia Rose
By MikeJonas ( mikejonas@aol.com) at 12:26:05 on July 24 2003
URL: http://www.battleroyalefilm.net | User Info
it's *Julia*, not Julie, BTW:



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