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Today's Tribblets, July 24


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Posted: 08:29:00 on July 24 2003
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Todays Tribblets
Today's Tribblets:
  • Pictures of ENTERPRISE guest star Julia Rose ('McKenzie') have surfaced at the STAR TREK BBS.

  • The Official STAR TREK site is now beta testing its new Enteprise-eque design.

  • The Charlotte Observer criticizes ENTERPRISE in its report on the TV Critics Association presentation.

  • Anthony Montgomery ('Mayweather') has joined the guest list for next month's Creation Entertainment convention in Las Vegas.

  • Art Asylum has started its Collector's Club, offering a free 'Kirk' figure with new membership.

  • TrekNation has posted part four of Jackie Bundy's SHORE LEAVE convention report.

  • Gateworld has just posted the first picture of Jolene Blalock ('T'Pol')'s appearance as a 'Jaffa warrior' on STARGATE SG-1's "Birthright," airing August 15 on Sci-Fi. (Thanks to compupc1)

  • The ENTERPRISE Project reports that it has over half the necessary donations to buy a full-page Hollywood Reporter ad in support of the series, and donations are still being accepted.

  • George Takei ('Sulu') talks about his 1973 run for Los Angeles City Council with Reuters.

  • TREK alumns are featured in VH1's 200 Top Pop Icons special this week: William Shatner at #117; Leonard Nimoy #162; Whoopi Goldberg #135. (Thanks to Matt Klamm).

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