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More from Berman, Braga, Bakula: Principals "Vested" in New Direction, Season Mapped


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Posted: 08:30:23 on July 24 2003
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Enterprise | stenterprise.com
The Chicago Sun-Times provides further coverage of Tuesday's UPN presentation at the Television Critics Association, offering more quotes from producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga and ENTERPRISE star Scott Bakula.

"It's no secret that our numbers fell last year more than we expected them to," Berman admitted. "And obviously we, like any other responsible producers, wanted to do what we could to try to lure back some of our viewers."

UPN entertainment president Dawn Ostroff says they have taken fan criticisms to heart in revamping the STAR TREK prequel.

"We just were listening to the viewers, who were very clear about some of the things we could have been doing better, and those are the improvements that we made," she said.

In addition to his opinion that ENTERPRISE didn't do anything wrong creatively in its first two years, Braga added, "It can be debated whether there are problems with the show. There are many people that love the show. We're very proud of the show, but we did feel that after a couple of seasons, it was time to do something differently."

"Is the franchise waning? Probably somewhat, but it's been around a long time," Braga continued. "Is it going away? I, personally, don't think so. ... If you approach this thinking it's impossible [to bring in new fans and bring back old ones], you might as well pack your bags and go home."

Bakula told reporters that season three is anything but business as usual.

"There's nobody over here laying down just saying, 'Let's roll out another "Enterprise" season and go to the bank.' It's not about that. We're very vested in the show," he said.

Find more remarks at this page.

Meanwhile, the official STAR TREK web site has published even more remarks from the major players.

"We kind of have a master plan it's the first time we've ever really known where a season was going," Braga said. "This is not just going to be a season of battling with these aliens trying to destroy Earth. There are going to be twists and turns and attempts at peace and all the kinds of things that we think STAR TREK viewers expect."

The exec also discussed the rumor of a new relationship between Jolene Blalock's 'T'Pol' and Connor Trinneer's 'Trip'.

"It's a little bit early in the season to answer [the romance] question, but one thing that's beginning to evolve is, [Tucker] suffered a great emotional loss and is having trouble dealing with it. And T'Pol's character has a lot of ability controlling emotion, and they begin to form a connection with one another dealing with that, that may or may not evolve into something a little more interesting."

Bakula revealed that his character will take some interesting turns early on.

"Some of the things I've done in the first three episodes [of Season 3] have shocked the other people on the ship, and I think that's all good," he said.

For much more from Bakula, Blalock, Trinneer and others, check out StarTrek.com's report.

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Season Three (2003-2004)
Prod #Title Airdate
153 The Xindi 09/10/03
154 Anomaly 09/17/03
155 Extinction 09/24/03
156 Enemy Advances 10/01/03
Season Two (2002-2003)
Season One (2001-2002)
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Still not enough for me to watch....
By cooper2000 ( ) at 11:41:20 on July 29 2003
URL: | User Info
Braga says nothing was wrong with the show but they were going to take it in a new direction anyway and that they were going to map out the whole season, something hated doing during Voyager because of fans not being able to figure out the ongoing story in syndication.

A romance between T'pol and Trineer?
Oh please.

I remember when Braga used to lie about changes with Voyager and I think he is doing the same here.
Did we ever really get to know the characters on Voyager? Did we ever get the sense they were in danger?
Crew members made into Borg and then turned back to human by the end of the episode. The ship always fine by the next epiosde. Unlimited Shuttles.
Braga has never cared about consistency or continuity and I dont think he ever will.
He said there are allot of fans who like the show but obviously not enough to get high ratings.
Hes always in denial and never admits hes wrong. Once he does that, we may get a better show.


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ahhh good
By varun ( varunk@bigpond.net.au) at 02:50:10 on July 25 2003
URL: www.geocities.com/deltaflyer11 | User Info
Season 3 seems a good effort. 'Even attempts at peace' I stand corrected GO SEASON 3 /


I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality. I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.

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Ya know what's going on?
By starbaseops ( starbaseops@yahoo.com) at 19:34:08 on July 24 2003
URL: http://www.geocities.com/starbaseops | User Info
I'll bet that future guy is the one who told the Xindi that the UFP would destroy them in a few hundred years. He was lying about it. He wanted Earth to send it's most powerful ship into the Delphic Expanse (where it is difficult if not impossible to communicate with Earth) so that Earth would be left near defensless. Thus, the beginning of the Romulan War!

In my opinion, future guy has to be a romulan. He tampering with history...and as a result, the Romulan War that we've all heard so much about. Get it? The Romulan War was never supposed to happen, it was the result of Future Guy's tampering.

It's far fetched, but a thought anyway.


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This is the line that bothers me...
By Balok ( ) at 18:17:46 on July 24 2003
URL: | User Info
"We just were listening to the viewers, who were very clear about some of the things we could have been doing better, and those are the improvements that we made," she said.

I see no evidence that they've listened to the fans at all. In fact, their responses to fan criticism have always sounded arrogantly dismissive to me.


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Will a good season be enough to save it?
By Rat Boy ( ) at 13:14:41 on July 24 2003
URL: | User Info
Frankly, I don't know. Season 2 might have killed interest in Trek too much for Season 3 to fix it. Sure, this new premise sounds interesting, but will it be enough to draw back the people who swore off B&B Trek? I'll admit, I turned off DS9 mid-way through Season 2 then jumped back on for Season 3. But, like they say, it's easier to destroy than to create.


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Problems with Trek
By David-Seattle ( ) at 11:56:14 on July 24 2003
URL: | User Info
Here is the quote I have the biggest beef with:

"all the kinds of things that we think STAR TREK viewers expect."

It sounds to me like these people do not have a rock-solid idea of what makes good Star Trek. They seem to be grasping at straws as to "what they THINK the viewers want".

In my opinion, Star Trek had four significant peaks: The Original Series with Gene Roddenberry and Gene Coon; The Feature Films with Roddenberry, Nick Meyer, and Harve Bennett; Seasons 3-5 of The Next Generation; and Deep Space Nine with Ira Steven Behr. These were periods when Star Trek was really clicking. It was "in the zone", so to speak.

I was watching the 25th Anniversary Special of Star Trek last night and listened intently to Roddenberry's interview. His premise for Star Trek was simple: explore the human condition in a future, space-age format. And built on that, he brought in the writers and creative team that understood that philosophy and created good drama, imaginative and thought-provoking stories, and well-developed and interesting characters.

I think the writers need to be truly "inspired" by the show and its concepts, premise, and characters, not chugging out material they hope the viewers will watch. Sometimes if you blindly try to please everybody, you end up pleasing very few. For example, if I were a chef working in an Italian restaurant, but I didn't particularly care much for Italian food, what kind of a chef would I be? Where would be the creativity or the quality in the meal? Sure I could cook up something I thought the customers would like, but without the inspiration or interest, how successful would I be?

Same thing applies to Star Trek. Maintain the premise, and write the stories that inspire you, the writer, not bland material you think the audience will like. Please return to what made Star Trek great in the first place.

In the meantime, I will continue watching with all the hope in the world.


None of us is as good as ALL of us.

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By SkinOfEvil ( ) at 10:48:06 on July 24 2003
URL: | User Info
Tuesday at 8??? Are you daft? Sure, run Ent against 24, thats a great idea. I like ent, but not enough to stop watching 24.


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The Fact is ratings woes or not, Season 2 was GOOD
By Blok_Narpin ( philly_guy_pa@yahoo.com.yahoo.com) at 10:29:27 on July 24 2003
URL: | User Info
Season 2 had great early episodes (Shockwave II, Minefield, The Seventh) before hit a mid season snag, but at the end of the season they picked it up and produced some amazing episodes like Stigma, Cogenitor, Judgement, and The Expance. Yeah, there were mediocre episodes, but overall the ratio of good to bad episodes was stacked in "good"s favor.

It is most definatly a show that needs work, but it is rarely BAD. It's a good show, that with some improvment could be a great show....but it's not quite there yet.

All the new aspects they have described for season 3 sound great. Now if UPN had the common sense to move the show to Tuesday at 8 they would probobly see a ratings increase.

As it is, Superman will kick thier ass.


"New Jersey Girl, New Jersey Girl
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New Jersey Girl, New Jersey Girl
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New Jersey Girl, New Jersey Girl
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-Nerf Herder

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By Victor ( ) at 09:19:42 on July 24 2003
URL: | User Info
For me, its all about making good use of my time in the evening.

ENT has not been fun, nor thought provoking. Therefore, I left it. Were I to be convinced the show was much improved, I would likely peek in on it.
The only reason I'm giving it a chance is because I happen to like sci-fi and Trek in particular.

I think these comments are the most honest assessments from Paramount and ENT that I've read thus far.
Braga is still the king of understatement and is fighting tooth and nail not to admit the show's problems. "Debatable?"

But at least everyone else is acknowledging on some level that there is a need for immediate change.
Frankly, this is the kind of stuff I want to be hearing more of if I'm going to be convinced to sit down and watch another few hours of ENT. With show out there like 24 and great myth/pop/fun shows like Smallville/Angel etc, ENT is not going to get a free lunch.

Honestly, I probably need to hear more about Bakula's character being improved before I tune in. I like Scott Bakula and think he's a terrfic actor. The scripts they have been handing him are terrible.



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Its only got one last chance
By BYG-DAMN ( ) at 09:09:01 on July 24 2003
URL: | User Info
This season will either be the show's saving grace or a disaster of epic proportions. It sounds like they have taken everything, including physics and thrown it out the window in favor of doing everything and anything to save their own dead asses.

My vote is fire everybody, cancel the whole mess and let trek rest for a year or more. You can't polish a turd, and I can smell this one coming my way on a silver platter.

I love Trek, but this is not Trek any longer, its a mess of crap that is embarassing.


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"...Probably, somewhat..."??!!
By Shaun ( ) at 08:55:06 on July 24 2003
URL: | User Info
Sorry, Mr. Braga, but when both Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide, the two magazines that used to sing holy hosanahs of all things STAR TREK, finally acknowledge the franchise is bleeding itself dry, then I think your problem is much greater than a "probably, somewhat." God, the amount of denial is absolutely staggering. You know, I might even like these two yahoos a little more if they'd just ADMIT that they didn't have their shit together. A little humility goes a long, long way. Right now they both come off as arrogant.


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