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Fifth Episode of the Year Cruises At "Impulse" With Formulaic Horror

Posted: 06:47:48 on October 09 2003
By: O. Deus
Dept: ENTERPRISE Reviews
Reviews Ex Deus


Overall episode score: 7.0
Performances: 6.5
Writing: 5.0
Direction: 8.0
FX and Production Values: 8.0

Summary: ENTERPRISE does EVENT HORIZON with Vulcan zombies. Fortunately there's a method to the madness.

Thus far s three has not exactly been T'Pol's year. Her primary role on the show seems to have been to serve as Trip's unclad masseuse and in the last two episodes she's hit a particularly low point. In "Extinction" she was reduced to helplessly scrambling away from the mutated crewmembers like an extra in a slasher movie with no trace of the specially trained operative with Vulcan strength her character is supposed to be. In "Rajiin" she was reduced even lower to a psychic rape victim. This week she's back in sickbay again but at least there's some character development in it for her.

EVENT HORIZON substituted a spaceship for a haunted house and a mysterious faster than light space drive for an Indian burial ground, but essentially the material was the same. Ever since the Vulcan ambassador tried to frighten Archer with grainy green videotape of psychotic Vulcans running amok in the expanse, the resemblance to the movie's data log was unmistakable. And since ENTERPRISE's early season episodes tend to be better on continuity, Vulcan zombies was a concept that a Brannon Braga-produced series could never pass up; it was almost inevitable that Enterprise would run into them sooner or later. Once it does the resulting plot is a predictably formulaic series of zombie chase scenes not significantly different from most horror movies or for that matter STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT, except that the Vulcan zombies are never scary. The results are more reminiscent of season two's "Sleeping Dogs," in which characters scramble around a rundown broken Klingon ship with a Klingon stalking them. The one thing STAR TREK has never really done well is horror and "Impulse" is no exception. Still, veteran Trek director David Livingston goes all out to do some great work right down to the flashy, final horror movie-style nightmare sequence and if "Impulse" never manages to be disturbing, it's not his fault. Even the FX are well directed with dramatic pans across an asteroid field roiling with tumbling rocks.

Vulcan zombies are just hard to take seriously and horror is premised on the idea that the characters are in a situation beyond their control and in which some of them will not survive. On STAR TREK, on the other hand, the situation is almost always under control, even if it's via Deus Ex Technobabble, and we know the cast members will survive. The franchise simply doesn't do horror well because TREK episodes are too afraid to let go of their control. The only out-of-control element involves T'Pol's growing instability but at this point seeing crew members go wonky is nothing special. Archer, Reed, and Hoshi did it two episodes ago and the last time T'Pol lost her sanity was during last season's "Bounty," not to mention "The Seventh" or "Strange New World." Fortunately, unlike "Bounty"'s abysmal T'Pol B-Plot, T'Pol's instability here serves to allow some character development.

"Impulse" also features a long overdue look at how the crew has been coping with their mission and the Expanse. A look that should have been part of the arc and developed episode by episode instead of giving us Archer as an alien werewolf, T'Pol's massage parlor, the obnoxious alien of the week or any of the other nonsense that has sidelined season three's promising storylines. It's nice to see a return of movie night and a discussion about morale as ENTERPRISE picks up on season two material right down to T'Pol silencing Phlox at the screening. That's the kind of thing that lets us see Enterprise as a single entity, a ship and a crew, rather than the cast wandering around through empty hallways while battling the alien of the week or a virus of the week whom we're certain to never see again. Like TNG's Ten Forward or DS9's Promenade or Voyager's Holodeck, it's important to emphasize rituals that bind the crew together outside emergency and duty situations. It's what makes the setting of the ship, and by extension the show, three-dimensionally believable.

Enterprise's "Exile"
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O. Deus has been a TrekWeb visitor since the site's 1996 inception. Along with being an ardent poster, he is a freelance journalist based in New York City. Deus has written reviews and columns for TrekWeb for over two years.

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    "Impulse" should have aired as a Halloween episode instead!
    By Gene's Ghost ( ) at 17:41:13 on October 15 2003
    URL: | User Info
    But renamed "Starship of Horrors" ala The Simpsons.

    What a missed opportunity. No loss though, because it was neither scary nor funny, except for the usual unintentionally funny "Enterprise" bits, of course!

    BTW - Hasn't anyone else noticed that T'Pol's Vulcan character doesn't seem very cool or logical most of the time? Even when she's not being exposed to that nasty Trillium-D radiation, she's still a moody neurotic thing.

    Spock had it way more together, even though he was half human and constantly fighting his own inner demons.

    Oh well, it must be a chick thing... a poorly portrayed Vulcan chick thing, that is!

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    this is ridiculous...
    By JediFonger ( ) at 21:54:45 on October 12 2003
    URL: | User Info
    they had death star on now they have the asteroid scene from attack of the clones... wtf is going on here?!?!??!!? major ass copying of star wars+zombie movies?

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    Please let me know when will the next "classic" trek come ou
    By Spot ( ) at 05:43:17 on October 12 2003
    URL: | User Info
    Let me know when the next "classic" trek come out

    I am tire of watching Hollywood cr*p that has no substance. I want ART. Give me ART!!!!!

    I want thought provoking episodes. I don't want a mindless "entertainment". I have a whole box of horror films for entertainment. If I want, I can also play Resident Evil.

    The last classic trek episode I can remember came from Voyager, which is like 4 years ago So far, NONE of Enterprise can be consider a classic episode.

    Where was the high standard that was usually associate with Star Trek?

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    By Xenoclone ( chris@xenoclone.com) at 23:45:30 on October 11 2003
    URL: http://www.xenoclone.com | User Info
    You know, Steve, Deus seemed pretty realistic about this one. The headline sounded more like he hated it. Maybe I'm just reading him wrong, lol.

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    Quite empty episode.
    By Hbasm ( ) at 16:16:27 on October 11 2003
    URL: http://home3.inet.tele.dk/huas/st_enterprise/ENT-page1.htm | User Info
    I'm not positive about this episode although I'm usually good at finding things I like. I only give it a "4" rating which means "below average" and this means it goes into the small category of misfires for the Enterprise series. Overall I love the series but season 3 has not improved anything, only CHANGED it.

    From my perspective, "Impulse" was empty entertainment and annoyingly flashy as a matter of fact. Anyone with epilepsy should stay away from this episode and I'm tempted to say, every normal person should do the same.

    There was practically no story. There was nothing except a mutated computer game; a "first-person shooter" and it doesn't work at all. On a computer, there is interaction with the gamer. On TV the audience is passive. We don't take part in the shooting. We're actually supposed to do something far better: To observe the world and learn.

    But in this episode there was nothing to learn and I don't consider that "Star Trek" because it always include some humanity messages.

    I don't care if there's an episode like this *in between* but I urge the producers to note: This is not the way to go! This was something like a studio experiment and OK for that. It prooves the lights can flash so people get annoyed. That's a first-time for "Star Trek" too. But you cannot impress a large audience by doing that. Schoolboys and game freaks will find it intriguing - apparently such people dominate Trekweb as can be seen in the poll for this episode. But what about the rest of us? The serious people, the adult, the sensitive beings, the visionars, the house wifes.

    So don't do this too often. I hope my father never sees this episode.

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    Good Episode
    By Noxmagic ( ) at 10:21:57 on October 11 2003
    URL: | User Info
    I'll keep this brief so as not to bore those who hated Impulse. Like the previous episodes we've seen so far this season, Impulse was another high quality episode.
    Positives: While I admit anyone with more than a brain-stem in thier skull knew Archer, Reed, and T'Pol would survive the Vulcan zombies (too bad the MACO didn't get red shirted...he would have been the first in Trek history) it held a high level of suspense and, yes, was down right creepy through-out. I liked how the very substance the Enterprise badly needs to protect itself in the expanse, trilium d (mis-spell?) can't be used out of concern for one crew member (T'Pol). That was a nice twist I didn't see coming, and a cool way to explain why Vulcans go mad in the expanse. I think the deepening of the relationship between T'Pol and Trip is sailing along nicely, while Bakula continues to finally do a good job with Archer every week.
    Negatives: Well, despite the many drawbacks that apparently most everyone at this site had with Impulse, I'm not going to nit-pick it in order to come up with something negative to write (keep in mind this is my own opinion. I'm not saying everyone else's negative opinions are nit-picking, what I am saying is that I personally don't have a problem with anything in this episode. To each their own...).

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    Impulse Was Painful To Watch
    By Snails ( ) at 09:20:30 on October 10 2003
    URL: | User Info
    I don't know about you, but I found Impulse "painful" to watch. For the first time in a long time, I kept watching the clock and hoping it would be over soon.

    The only part I enjoyed was the fact that now that they have some Trellium-D, that they can't use it. That was a nice plot twist.

    My rating: 2 on a scale of 10

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    She's a screamer...
    By Solarium66 ( ) at 20:56:18 on October 09 2003
    URL: | User Info
    Yes, I know this isn't the most polite thing to say, but for die-hard fans of (now-Mrs.) Jolene Blalock, they can get a sense for how she tenses up and screams while on her back.

    Tacky, I know.

    I have to say: I don't agree with the review on "Impulse." I thought it had some of the best special effects (thus far) from the third season of "Star Trek: Enterprise." The asteroid fields were brilliantly conceived and visualized, although I had some problems with the CG texturing. Still, it was damn impressive to see the scope of those effects on a mere television show. The visual effects folks could have downplayed the colliding debris. Frankly, Eden F/X deserves an Emmy for their work here.

    I loved the fact that the Selya (sp?) wasn't the same Vulcan ship shown from transmissions in "The Xindi." You knew the Vulcans had flipped out in "The Xindi"; it allowed Archer and Co. to believe that things might be different aboard this newly-discovered Vulcan ship.

    I liked the Vulcan zombies; I think it worked. You wondered how they kept alive, though. At one point, I confess I wanted the MACO soldier to succumb to them, just to show how far gone these afflicted Vulcans were. (Sick thought, I know.)

    An interesting plot twist might have been a Vulcan officer/crew-member who wasn't as afflicted as the others, with slightly different vital signs/readings, possibly tipping a revelation that Romulans had infiltrated the Vulcans. "Zombie Romulan." Archer and Co. wouldn't realize that the individual was Romulan; T'Pol might have commented to herself in the state she was in, though... loud enough for the audience to hear, but not the others.

    I agree: Normally, Star Trek doesn't do horror very well. I did like this episode, though, and was VERY surprised that it succumbed to lower-than-expected ratings. (I've never seen "Smallville" and don't have any aspirations to do so. I'd rather skip an episode of ST:ENT, like "Rajiin" (which looked awful), than tune into the WB.)

    By the way, unless future stories start shaping up instead of the weekly hit and misses of this third season, I may tune out altogether. "Impulse" was a hit; I'm mixed about what I see coming down the road...

    (For God's sake, have the Defiant from "The Tholian Web" appear in a spacial anomaly and the Enterprise crew consider scuttling their ship to use the advanced tech to destroy the Xindi threat, only to find they can't master the 23rd century Federation tech so easily. There's horror for you, too: All of those DEAD BODIES we saw in "The Tholian Web." And try this: Have Archer and Co. hurl Defiant into a Xindi threat, possibly saving Earth -- and realize that maybe the Defiant was sent there to ensure the success of that act. Except a Tholian vessel (or more) from the 23rd century are sent through the same spacial disturbance to prevent it.)

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    Impulse Had Its Moments
    By anti_proton ( ) at 18:42:59 on October 09 2003
    URL: | User Info
    I liked this episode, in spite of the Vulcan zombies. When I first saw the Vulcan zombies lurching around like something out of the Night of Living Dead, I laughed. Then I became uncomfortable, because I figured the writers wanted me to take the Vulcan zombies seriously. Then I wasn't sure whether the writers were trying to tell a serious story, or were trying to create a parody of a horror flick. Maybe they were trying to achieve both, but I didn't think the zombies were scary, just kind of silly. I kept wondering how they managed to keep life support going, where their food was coming from, why they didn't kill each other, how they communicated and cooperated when they no longer could talk, and why oh why did this disease make them walk like zombies? Ultimatley, I decided to suspend my discomfort with the zombies and pretend they were really scary, and then the episode worked for me. However, I still wish the disease would've caused simple madness, in line with Vulcans as they used to be. I just don't like what the Vulcans have become in Enterprise. But that's another subject.

    I thought this episode had its moments. The special effects were awesome; especially the asteroid field. It was the first time something truly unusual seemed to be happening in the Delphic expanse. The episode was suspensful. Even though I know none of the regular characters would get killed, I found myself holding my breath when Travis and Trip were trying to get off the asteroid before the other asteroid collided with them. There were moments on the Vulcan ship that I also thought were quite suspensful. The acting has improved so much, it's amazing. T'Pol's descent into madness was believable. She really seemed to be suffering. Scott Bakula is so much better than before, as Archer. Even Travis seemed more competent and mature, with the little screen time he had. So overall, I liked the episode. It held my interest and even kept me on the edge of my seat once in a while. I think Enterprise is improving and I hope the trend continues.

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    By Michaelj ( ) at 13:11:12 on October 09 2003
    URL: | User Info
    Well, that's another hour of my life I'll never get back. Thanks, B & B.

    Remember--it wasn't all that long ago--when Star Trek usually went out of its way to be about something? When it almost always entertained, and very occasionally ("The Inner Light", "The Visitor") produced episodes that touched your heart and maybe slightly changed the way you looked at the world?

    Remember when that other Vulcan, Mr. Spock, was forced to experience human emotions for the first time in "This Side of Paradise"? Remember the joy and the sorrow he felt, along with the very genuine regret and relief when his life went back to "normal"? No schlocky cliched horror movie ending was necessary to conclude that story, and no CGI was needed to enhance it. (Not to be critical of Enterprise's effects team, which mostly does an outstanding job--it's just ironic that just when effects technology has reached the point that just about anything can be shown on a TV budget, the producers have nothing worthwhile left to say.)

    It apparently took two "writers" to produce this tepid farrago of horror movie cliches. They really need to find honest, useful work, like school crossing guard or tap dance instructor.

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    maybe the first great episode of the season
    By tauremorna ( ) at 12:53:43 on October 09 2003
    URL: | User Info
    True it was very formulaic, but who cares. It was a fun episode that was more like last season than anything we've seen so far. If we don't use the term 'zombie' I can actually picture the vulcans being creepy. Unfortunately I am already bored with this whole Xindi arc. Now that the Enterprise is trying to hunt them down the characters are getting lost in all this action which gets old fast. This week it was no shoot 'em up violence but actual suspense. I keep waiting for a good character driven episode, that and for some of those MACO guys to get killed. Maybe all that won me over this week was Phlox talking through the movie, I miss him most of all.

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    Good Episode but Some Things Did Not Make Sense
    By sid ( ) at 11:54:07 on October 09 2003
    URL: | User Info
    If the Vulcans lost control of their emotions, etc., why did they coordinate together to go after Archer and friends? Wouldn't they be lashing out at each other as well? Is there some special Vulcan crazy trait that says we don't attack other crazy Vulcans? (and there was green blood on the ship to indicate they were fighting each other, so why stop?)

    A very minor point, why did Archer and Reed give a hand at the beginning to T'Pol when she was coming up through the hatch. None of the men were extended a hand to and T'Pol should be stronger than all of them. It just didn't seem to make sense (except that maybe the actress needed the hand). This seem to continue throughout the episode but at least there was a flismy excuse for it.

    I'm sorry but after The Simpsons' zombie episode I cannot see something like this without it coming to mind. I kept waiting for the Vulcans to start saying "Brains" and then by-pass Archer (as they did with Homer).

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    24 Event Alien Days Later
    By NAFF ( NATHANGSHARP@HOTMAIL.COM) at 11:51:55 on October 09 2003
    URL: | User Info
    I think your review was fair and balanced, Deus.

    This week's great direction (no out-of-work ex-Trek actor naturally) and lovely special effects cannot be disputed.

    It certainly was a disturbing episode and many notches about the trash served-up in most of Seasons 1 & 2. If I were 30 years younger, I would have been hiding behind the sofa! Can this be the same Enterprise that delivered the 'Were-Archer' crap two weeks ago?

    I just can't decide whether it was a good episode [for Enterprise] or a great one. So I'll have to watch it again to decide... and I haven't wanted to re-watch an Enterprise show since the Borg encounter last season.

    Its just a pity again we couldn't go without some T'Pol titilation in the final moments.

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    Not Impressed
    By Captain Chris ( ) at 11:51:54 on October 09 2003
    URL: | User Info
    Dues was right in just about all accounts. This was very formulaic. I will admit, though, that the tension was held high, which kept me interested. That appears to be the trend for Season 3, and that's a good thing.

    But this episode misfired in too many places. After seeing the grainy video from the Vulcan High Command, and other evidence of violent behavior from Vulcans in the Expanse, I would have expected that their ship would have been inhabited by wild deranged animals, and not by "Night of the Living Dead" zombies. I also wondered how these zombies maintained a society over the last nine months, ie, how did they manage to cooperate and keep life support functioning, how did they eat, etc? At the rate of T'Pol's decay, I would expect that everybody on board would have been dead within a few days.

    On a side note, I was a little disapointed when I didn't get to hear Archer gloat: "Human physiology is immune..."

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    Zombie, why Zombie
    By Comm Mendez ( ) at 11:30:44 on October 09 2003
    URL: | User Info
    You make some good points about the episode, particularly about the fact that the Vulcan zombies are not scary. It would have been nice, just once, to see what one of those zombies would have done if they actually caught somebody. (Hey, no need to kill off an important character. Knock off one of those new space marines; they've got as much personality as the Red Shirts of old anyway.) If Trilliem D hurts Vulcans by interrupting their neural pathways and thus control of their emotions, what makes them zombified? OK, after T'Pol's Vulcan history refresher course, we can understand why the Vulcans would be violent and uncontrolled? But why the bad skin? And, if they've lost their logic and control, why haven't they killed each other off?

    This episode falls under the Vulcan-bashing heading, an unfortunate ST motif particularly belabored on ENT. Despite the creed of accepting other peoples and other philosophies, ST writers heavily judge Vulcans for suppressing their emotions. They make them seem like uptight Eisenhower-era parents while all the humans are cool, in-touch-with-their-feelings hipsters. On TOS, Bones criticized Spock's emotionlessness, but his criticism was put in perspective when we saw Bones's over-reaction to crisis. There is no such subtle balance on ENT.

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    anyone else get an "ALIENS" vibe from this episode?
    By Bucky ( ) at 11:21:15 on October 09 2003
    URL: | User Info
    I know this was more "Night of the Living Dead" but I thought the design of the ship and the flashing light rights right down to the corridors and the debris reminded me of op centre in "Aliens". which is probably why I liked this episode so much - "Aliens" is one of my favourite all time movies and this ep. did it to a T. That's also why I like "First Contact" because its very similar to "Aliens".

    Anyway Deus, I like your reviews cuz you're pretty fair, but man, you're just being a kill-joy this time. Zombie Vulcans, dude! I love it. Wigged out concepts and running from the bad guys. Anyway, even though it was forumlaic it was done with a hell of alot of style, even more than the already-great-looking "Regeneration". In fact, I would say this is probably one of the best-looking "Enterprise" episodes to date and kicked what could have been a cliche up a few notches. I also thought the makeup effects on the Vulcans were very well done and looked extremely effective, espically considering the way they were lit.

    I agree though, horror on Trek doesn't go all the way. The way I see it, this episode was a prime oportunity to knock off a red-shirt or a MACO. Just get really hardcore, see the person disappearing in a pile of zombie vulcans, that would be great.

    But aside from all that, I thought this was an amazing job by David Livingston and the look and feel of the episode kicked it up a few notches from your run of the mill Enterprise jaunt.

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    Not "Scary" but...
    By MaxPower ( ) at 11:15:43 on October 09 2003
    URL: | User Info
    It may not have been "Scary" but I found it suspenseful at times. There were suspenseful situations that were well directed so I give it points for that.

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    Click on Body to read it...
    By Trekker121 ( westonclark@networld.com) at 10:51:09 on October 09 2003
    URL: http://mywebpage.netscape.com/WestyUT/home.htm | User Info
    I was able to read it by clicking on "body"...although after reading it, I wish I hadn't.....come on Deus, give ENT a break for once. A review of a good episode for you, is just less bad stuff to say. IT was a GREAT episode...

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    Hey Deus!
    By timmer33 ( ) at 10:49:45 on October 09 2003
    URL: | User Info
    I want to challenge you here - I just read your disappointing review.

    Why not give credit where credit is due? It was an entertaining episode man! So here's my challenge:

    You criticized the show, saying that like all Trek, they can't do horror. Well, I want to know if you have ever seen a scary television show, EVER? I never have. It can't be done man. The 44 minute time constraint, censorship and the 5 day filming schedule all go against the horror episode.

    I have NEVER seen a scary tv show. Sure, I enjoyed the X-files, Outer Limits, Twilight Zone (original), Millenium, etc. but they are not scary.

    As serious movie fans, it is very difficult to be scared. It just doesn't happen. The last time horror worked for me was The Ring. Yeah, I thought that was a great film. But before that? I can't remember. The Exorcist maybe?

    So for you to criticize a TV show as not pulling off horror is unreasonable. They did what they could and it was a hugely entertaining film. Stop trashing it for doing what NO TV SHOW CAN DO. It's just not possible to pull of horror on a television format for an audience of desensitized people. You're being unreasonable.

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    Click on Body to read it...
    By Trekker121 ( westonclark@networld.com) at 10:46:55 on October 09 2003
    URL: http://mywebpage.netscape.com/WestyUT/home.htm | User Info
    I was able to read it by clicking on "body"...although after reading it, I wish I hadn't.....come on Deus, give ENT a break for once. IT was a GREAT episode...

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    Here are my thoughts ...
    By timmer33 ( ) at 10:39:17 on October 09 2003
    URL: | User Info
    I loved this episode. Thought it was great - in fact, best one of the season so far. Best one since Regeneration too.

    - I loved the horror concept. It was a great idea. The vulcans became the "zombies" in this story, and they were incredibly effective. The use of the skinny person as a vulcan really was effective at making the connection to the "undead" or the zombie. Nice job.

    - I really think B&B have decided to give more creative control to the directors, because this didn't feel like a formulaic Trek episode. It was filmed very differently. The use of the sped-up scenes during the vulcan/zombie sequences was cool, but I hope it's only used in this case. Please don't use that for every fight scene in the future. It did, however, convey a sense of the power of the vulcans and the need to escape from them.

    - the f/x were stunning. Did their weekly budget go up or something? I'm surprised at the quality of the vulan ship's sets and the asteroid impact effects. Well done people.

    - the concept of being trapped on a foreign vessel and being hunted/tracked by zombies is not new, that's for sure. But that doesn't really matter, as long as it's done right. The directing, acting and f/x were all solid. The sense of danger and urgency was there. An all around excellent ep.

    - I see O Deus's review says something like "formulaic horror." (I can't get the review page yet to actually read it - STEVE? Can you fix the link?) HOWEVER, as I've said before, not every ep has to be "about" something or say some message. This ep continued the arc with the Trellium-d and in fact sets up further trouble as the trellium can not be used. The horror elements were there. As I said, the acting, f/x and casting were all top notch. Not every ep has to make some social commentary. Not every TNG one did! Some were just fun, as is this one. As I said, I believe it's the best ep since Regeneration.

    - Archer's acting is SOO much better now. He's driven and more assured of himself. In fact, in this ep he consigned 140 vulcans to premature death! How's that for a tough decision. Of course, they were going to die anyway and were probably in pain, but to make that decision was something Kirk would have done. Picard would never have done that -- or, if he had, it would have affected him substantially. Archer is beyond that. He's ready to make shit-hard decisions for the good of his crew.

    - The music ... ? I didn't really hear any in the ep.

    Overall, I hope the ratings continued to rise. I'm pretty sure that anyone new to trek or just a casual view who saw last night's ep will stick with the show. It was a quality episode, everyone! Deus will complain that it made no social commentary or didn't do anything different, but I maintain that you don't have to do that with every episode. FORMUAL DOES WORK SOMETIMES. Disaster movies, horror films, chick flicks ... they all use the same formulas but sometimes with the right mix of elements (acting, story, f/x, etc.) it can be a great show. Last night certainly was. Remember, Deus's JOB is to critique. He will look for tiny flaws to criticize this ep.

    Kudos to everyone involved in this production!

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    Umm... Steve?
    By Toroca ( ) at 09:23:55 on October 09 2003
    URL: | User Info
    I can see the comments page, but the article doesn't appear to be here... If I click "Read More" on the main page, I get a page not found error...

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]

    Scare me again!
    By johniccp ( ) at 07:23:27 on October 09 2003
    URL: | User Info
    I'm old enough to have seen Jaws when it first appeared in the theaters. Therefore, it is no suprise that the small screen can't really scare me much. I'm in the safety of my home, the tv doesn't overwhelm like a movie screen did and commerical allow my brain to get a grip on my emotions. Just the same, I liked Impulse for what it was, another 44 minutes of good special effects, a fair script, professional acting and the good guys are safe at home at the end of the show.

    I've only started watching ENT with season three, and I'm feeling impressed with the production. God may have created the world in seven days, but I can't imagine putting the scripts, actors, cameras and then the post-production stuff together every week. It's impressive to see new worlds on a weekly basis and leave "Reality TV" behind.

    I'll have my tape in the VCR next week.

    [ Reply | Quote | Parent ]