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Act of Kindness Leads to Enterprise Takeover in Untitled 12th Episode (SPOILERS)

Posted: 10:18:34 on October 15 2003
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Enterprise | stenterprise.com
The Starship Enterprise will lend a hand to some new aliens called 'Triannons' in the currently-untitled twelfth episode of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE, according to new information provided TrekWeb.

Presently known as "Untitled Sphere," suggesting the story has to do with the mysterious Expanse spheres encountered in "Anomaly" and again in "Exile," the episode will involve a slew of guest roles. When the Enterprise lends medical attention and repair work to a damaged Triannon vessel, the crew's act of kindness is returned with a takeover of the ship.

When leader 'D'Jamat' sets the Enterprise on a proprietary course, 'Captain Archer' sabotages the ship to bring it out of warp. 'Trip' tells D'Jamat that the EPS manifolds are the problem and he sends his engineer 'Nablis' and another man, 'Yarrick', to investigate. Archer intercepts and stuns Nablis and tries to appeal to Yarrick's better judgment in hopes of regaining control of the Enterprise.

The Triannons would seem to be spiritual people and at one early point argue over the virtue of technological progress in a dinner with the captain and 'T'Pol'. They also haven't achieved warp 5 capability yet, their ship hoping to manage warp 2 after Trip's repairs. Other guest roles include a female Triannon named 'Indava' and an associate named 'Jareb'.

This information is preliminary and subject to change. The story is © Paramount Pictures. The episode will likely air in early December or early next year.
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Season Three (2003-2004)
Prod #Title Airdate
153 The Xindi 09/10/03
154 Anomaly 09/17/03
155 Extinction 09/24/03
156 Rajiin 10/01/03
157 Impulse 10/08/03
158 Exile 10/15/03
159 The Shipment 10/22/03
160 Twilight 11/05/03
161 North Star 11/12/03
162 Similitude 11/19/03
163 Carpenter Street 11/26/03
Season Two (2002-2003)
Season One (2001-2002)
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Summary of comments below
By Cap'n Calhoun ( kosstamojan@yahoo.com) at 15:15:32 on October 17 2003
URL: | User Info
"What a rip off!"
"This episode will stink!"
"Don't be so quick to judge -- we haven't even seen it yet!"
"Who cares?"


Does this have to happen every time there's a press release for a new episode? I'd rather see some reminders about the quality (or lack thereof) that a specific writer/director/actor has brought us in the past, rather than these blatant gut reactions...

Just ignore me, I think I'm getting cynical in my old age. :-)

Seriously though, after 700 episodes, every episode sounds repetitive of a previous one... And by some counts, "Similitude" is the 700th Star Trek production:

1 (The Cage)
+79 TOS (Counting "The Menagerie" as 2)
+22 TAS
+178 TNG (Counting "Encounter at Farpoint" and "All Good Things..." as 2 each)
+176 DS9 (Counting "Emissary", "The Way of the Warrior", and "What You Leave Behind" as 2 each)
+172 Voyager (Counting "Caretaker", "Dark Horizon", "Endgame", and any telefilms I may be forgetting as 2 each)
+10 Movies
+62 Enterprise

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B&B brain neurons have ceased firing
By Grand Admiral Thrawn ( grandadmiralthrawn@sbcglobal.net) at 22:32:31 on October 15 2003
URL: | User Info
Why do they need a crew of writers when they can live off endlessly ripping of previous trek story-arcs over and over again.

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Come now...
By Mr. J ( ) at 11:25:52 on October 15 2003
URL: | User Info
It's silly to bash based on this alone. The description is so vague it doesn't really tell us anything more than shallow plot information. How would "Anomaly sound if we put it as "When Enterprise is crippled by anomalies and gets attacked by pirates, Archer is determined to get back the ships lose resources", or for "Rajiin" if it was "Enterprise takes on a mysterious passenger, who has a deadly secret"?

Apparently we may have some ties to the spheres, so there is perhaps more here than meets the eye. Lets see what is done with this *very* basic information before judging shall we?

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More of the same
By shakamaker ( ) at 10:38:50 on October 15 2003
URL: | User Info
Starship mine with a few changes,how easy it must be to write for Enterprise.

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wow, how original!
By sky ( ) at 10:36:58 on October 15 2003
URL: | User Info
so the enterprise gets taken over still one more time! man, i can't wait to see this novel storyline!

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