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Today's Tribblets, October 15

Posted: 17:10:43 on October 15 2003
By: Steve Krutzler
Dept: Todays Tribblets
Today's Tribblets:
  • TrekWeb's Steve Krutzler will appear on THE EVENING SHOW on BBC South Radio tomorrow at 8:15 local time to talk TREK and TrekWeb.

  • Paramount Home Entertainment UK has confirmed that VOYAGER and the original STAR TREK will be released on DVD in Region 2 next year.

  • Treknews.de has uploaded over 50 screen captures from tonight's ENTERPRISE episode, "Exile."

  • Linda Park ('Hoshi Sato') will appear on stage with the Underground Asylum in the play FUSCHIA in Hollywood.

  • Patrick Stewart and wife, former TNG producer Wendy Neuss, have filed papers to separate according to TV Guide.

  • The STAR TREK Fan Association has compiled a Ratings Tracker comparing all five STAR TREK series.

  • DVD Review has posted information on accessing the gag reel for the new STAR TREK V CE DVD.

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