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Talkback and BBS Help
Commenting is one of the features that makes TrekWeb unique among entertainment and genre Web Sites, and the STAR TREK BBS is one of the easiest to use Trek bulletin boards out there. We hope that you will join the discussion and enjoy the sites. Here are some tips about how commenting works.
You can post comments to TrekWeb or the STAR TREK BBS with your TrekWeb user account. This will help identify you and continue to build the TrekWeb community. To post a comment under your TrekWeb accout name, you must login. You can do this ahead of time using the preceding link or the 'Your Account' box in the upper right-hand corner of this page, or during the posting of your comment by selecting 'Anonymous Coward' and then typing in your user name and password along with your comment. See the post page for more details. Once you login, if cookies are enabled on your browser, you will not need to login again during the same session. If you do not already have an account, you may create one now for free.
Sort Controls
The 'Sort Controls' box controls how the comments are displayed for you. The first drop-down box (beginning with 'Nested Posts') controls how the comments themselves are displayed. Threaded is the default view, meaning replies to comments are displayed in title only and you must click on them to read them. Nested means that replies are actually displayed in their entirety on the same page, with indentation to delineate hierarchical relationships. Flat means that all comments and their replies will be displayed on the same tier, however, replies are still grouped under their respective parent comments.

The second drop-down box (beginning with 'Newest Posts First') controls the order in which comments are displayed. Quite simply, you can view with either the newest (or most recent) posts at the top or oldest (or least recent) posts at the top. Please note that when in Flat Post view, replies to comments are STILL grouped UNDER their parents, regardless of whether a reply to a comment may be 'newer' than a top-level comment.

To implement any changes, click the 'change' button. Note that you can set default Sort settings for your account in your user profile, or you will be able to very soon.

Start Talking
To start a new comment, click on 'Start New Thread'. A "thread" is a comment and all its associated replies.

Please be sure not to press the 'post' button more than once, even if you have been waiting for a few seconds. This causes double postings which we administrators have to identify and delete. Thanks.

TrekWeb's bulletin board uses the same parameters as story commenting, so please feel free to "beam up" to www.startrekbbs.com and discuss general topics, ideally, related to 'Star Trek'.