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Brannon Braga Possibly Leaving Voyager Midseason (and more)

Posted: Thu Aug 19 23:54:53 1999
By: Krutzler
Dept: Star Trek

One of TrekWeb's sources is reporting new staffing news regarding the Star Trek offices.

"Here's the deal: Biller left because he was steamed at Moore coming in above him. Moore gets forced out, Biller's wooed back in with the promise that he'll be show-runner when Braga moves over to series five. Multiple sources say the handoff happens at mid- season, which tracks well with how long it takes to get a series off the ground by fall 2000."

This source has also named others that TrekWeb knows are valid, but the information is not first-hand. So, keep in mind that this is still just a rumor, nothing official at this point.

Further info from the same source:

"Two other rumors you might want to run down (they sound dubious, but they're from people who have been right in the past):

"After months of denials, Paramount execs are quietly confirming the next series will be some variation on 'Flight Academy.'

"And (brace yourself):, instead of bringing Voyager back to earth, they plan to goose the ratings by sending two TNG cast members out to look for Voyager, and eventually link up with them. And the two are.... Troi and Barclay. I kid you not. This last one sounds utterly bizarre, so I'm trying to sniff around and see if anyone else is echoing it."

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